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Carla speaks on 105.9 the Region with Jim Lang about her Grad/MADD T-shirts.

Carla speaks about the reason behind the double meaning t-shirt and the importance of advocating for such a worthy cause, MADD Canada. When Carla lost her brother, Paul Brizzi, to a drunk driver, she lost her world. Everyone and everything keeps moving around Carla, but her world has stood still. The grad/MADD t-shirts are a way to ensure Paul’s life does not end in such a tragic death at the hands of a drunk driver. Every day, countless people die or are injured at the hands of such a senseless crime. These tragedies can be prevented at the dial of a button.

Nothing will ever change the outcome for Carla and her family. There is not one thing that will give her the one thing Carla wants more than anything: her brother Paul. Still, suppose she can prevent one person from driving impaired or one family from feeling the devastation of what her family is feeling. In that case, she will continue to share her story and make people aware of the pain such a senseless crime brings.

Carla is always grateful when the media embraces her initiative. Thank you 105.9 the Region with Jim Lang.

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