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Whether you are looking for a traditional Butter Tart, a customized sugar cookie or anything in between, Carla is the person to bring that to life. Perfect for your next Dinner Party, Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, Bridal / Baby Shower or Wedding. Send Carla a message to cater your next event!

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Italian Canadian

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Carla’s Cookie Box started off from a blooming love of baking as a young Italian raised child. My Italian roots and passion for anything sweet prompted me to really hone in on my mother’s and grandmother’s traditions. I love when food comes from their original, natural state. As per my mother and grandmother, the simplicity in cooking and baking is what makes our ancestor’s food so flavourful.


Born Canadian, raised Italian, my love for baking came at a young age when I used to watch and help my mother in the kitchen with her many traditional cookies. As I matured into an adult, I began experimenting with my own recipes, keeping true to the Italian tradition of keeping everything simple but flavourful, and adding a spin to traditional recipes. I began to experiment with Canadian traditional treats as well and started adding spins to those as are the Butter Tarts.


As a 39 year, old mother of 3 children, I made the decision to start this little business of channeling my creative energy instead of taking a conventional corporate position.  It was also important that I show my children that is never too late to have a dream and follow a passion.

Family Owned & Operated

Best Gourmet Butter Tarts on the Planet
Hand Crafted Treats for your Special Event or Occasion
Amazing Gourmet Butter Tarts, Deep Chocolatey Fudge Brownies, Customized Sugar Cookies, Desserts
A Passion for Baking Made Right For You
Farm Fresh Ingredients
Supporting Local Farmers & Businesses in Ontario to Bring YOU a Fresh Traditional Product

Sales Support Local Ontario Farmers & Vendors!

With the importance of supporting LOCAL, I found a way to support local farmers and businesses while building my own business. P&H Milling in Cambridge supply all of my flour, Gray Ridge Farms in Strathroy supply my eggs, Love’s Sweetness in Holstein supply all of my maple syrup, Redpath in Toronto supply all of my sugar needs. Every product is made by hand in small batches using local, high quality ingredients. We keep everything VERY close to home.

Love’s Sweetness Maple Syrup, Holstein, ON