6 Month ButterTart Subscription

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6 Award Winning Gourmet Butter Tarts per Month for 6 Months

Price includes Shipping + Handling

Choose Your Own Flavours for Each Month

Baked Fresh, Freeze Really Well

PRO TIP: Warm up your butter tarts in a 350 °F for 5 minutes

Pick Your Flavours – Month 1:

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Pick Your Flavours – Month 3:

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Pick Your Flavours – Month 6:

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6 Month Subscription – Butter Tarts

6 Month ButterTart Subscription – Award Winning Gourmet Butter Tarts: Makes a GREAT gift

How it works –  For six (6) consecutive months you will receive a half dozen (6) pack of butter tarts of your choice. Add choices for Butter Tarts in comments section if choosing various.

Our Gourmet Butter Tarts are Award Winning for a reason. Every batch of pastry is freshly made by hand with REAL butter by Carla, herself.  Our filling contains only REAL ingredients that YOU can find in your local grocery store. 100% Butter, 100% Ontario Maple Syrup, Brown Sugar, Eggs, all stirred by hand, old fashioned butter tarts just like grandma used to make but with a real cool twist.

We love being creative, especially with our gourmet butter tarts which is why it took us 50 different attempts to develop our butter tarts.  All of our ingredients are sourced locally, right here in Ontario, supporting Ontario Farmers. We take pride in all of our baked goods, especially our Gourmet Butter Tarts. We cannot wait for you to try some of our flavours today!

Give the GIFT that keeps on giving, right into the spring! Gift our 6 or 3 Month ButterTart Subscription Today!


**All products have come into contact with peanuts/tree nuts, wheat, dairy, soy and any other known allergen**

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in