The Ultimate DIY Kit

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The Ultimate DIY Kit is the food crafter’s dream come true.

DIY Butter Tarts, DIY Cookie Mix Jars, DIY Cookie Dough, 4 Hot Cocoa BOMBS, Decorate Your Own Cookies, PYO (Paint Your Own) Cookies.

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The Ultimate DIY Kit

The Ultimate DIY Kit is the food crafter’s dream come true. DIY Butter Tarts, DIY Cookie Mix Jars, DIY Cookie Dough, DIY Hot Cocoa Cones, Decorate Your Own Cookies, PYO (Paint Your Own) Cookies.

1. Butter Tarts – DIY:  The freshest Butter Tarts are the ones YOU make.  This Do It YOURSELF kit comes with all fixings and then some. I took all the guessing and hard work out for you so you can do the fun part without the mess or missing ingredients.

Butter Tarts – DIY Directions attached in the box.  Each Butter Tart Kit Includes:  500 grams pastry, 500 grams of filling, 100 grams pecan or raisins and makes approximately 20 Butter Tarts.

The Freshest Butter Tarts are the ones YOU make. Now you can make your own Award Winning Gourmet Butter Tarts in your own kitchen!

2. Cookie Jars – DIY – The Perfect gift for ANY occasion.
People LOVE being creative and making their own cookies, why not give them DIY cookie jars for their next celebration or holiday? With only a few key ingredients, YOUR loved one can make themselves Carla’s Cookies right at home with these cookie jars.

1 litre DIY Jar of Cookie Mix with the Freshest of Ontario Ingredients.

Directions attached. Makes 24 cookies. Just add your wet ingredients. Ready in under 30 minutes!

3. Cookie Dough – DIY: Do you miss the smell of fresh warm cookies coming out of your oven but don’t have the ingredients? You do not have to. You can now make your own CCB artisanal cookies without the mess or ingredients. I have taken all the guesswork out for you.

All you have to do is scoop your desired amount of DIY Cookie Dough onto a well greased or lined pan and bake for 8-12 minutes (depending on your oven) in a preheated 350 degree oven.

4. Decorate Your Own Cookies Kits: These Kits are perfect for any afternoon. They come complete with 12 premade cookies, royal icing, decorating candy + sprinkles

5. PYO (Paint Your Own) Cookie: Painting your own cookie has been all the rage. The tiniest bit of water will turn your skittles colours into a paint pallet. This handy little kit comes with 2 PYO cookies + a mini brush.

6. 4 HOT Cocoa Bombs: There is no better way to enjoy all of your DIY’s than with a HOT cup of Cocoa. Enjoy making your own cup of cocoa with our 3″ Hot Cocoa Bombs.

All of our ingredients are sourced locally, right here in Ontario, supporting Ontario Farmer. We take pride in all of our baked goods, especially our Gourmet Butter Tarts. We cannot wait for you to try some of our flavours today!

Gift our Ultimate DIY Gift Pack for the Crafter or Foodie in your life today!

**All Products are made in a facility that contains Peanuts / Tree nuts, wheat, dairy, soy and any other known allergen*

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