It’s Not Just a Butter Tart, It’s an Experience

You can find Carla’s news and views of the baking world in her blog. She finds ways to keep herself relevant in the baking world and her business using many different avenues. When Carla is passionate about something she will write about it in her blog, letting her audience take a peek into her world.

As Carla’s world has changed over the past few years, so has her blog. You will find many different writing styles as well as personal insight into what makes her tick. Being the social butterfly that she is, you will find genuine pieces with genuine meetings with differents walk of life.

Carla has taken her platform as a baker and all star butter tart maker and transformed it into making change. With life transformations, losses of people, pandemics and running small businesses, pivoting in a new world, you will find Carla’s truths in how she sees them in her point of view in her blog.

Elaine G
14:05 14 Jan 21
I ordered the mixed box of butter tarts, brownies and cookies for all our team members for our virtual Christmas lunch and I never heard so many F-bombs dropped as people took bites of the butter tarts and brownies. The butter tarts were amazing at room temperature but there was a line saying warm them up and they were even better, although I did not think that was even possible. Definitely will be ordering again. Thanks Carla!
Brenda Del Re
16:15 03 Jan 21
All the cookies were wonderful. Everything is wonderfully packaged as well
Jack Del Re
15:23 02 Jan 21
All the cookies were wonderful my son loved them. Packaging for all the cookies is great too. He especially loves the oatmeal chocolate chip!!! Can’t wait to order the gingerbread again
Kathy Mulder
16:44 01 Jan 21
The cookies were larger than I thought. They were cute and wonderfully packaged. They arrived in great condition. The cookies were tasty and well received. Thanks for all your work. When you order them you put in the date that she ships them not the date you need them so take that into consideration when ordering. I would definitely order from here again.