meet the family

Meet The Family

It’s Not Just a Butter Tart, It’s an Experience

Carla’s Story

Hi! Come Meet my Family

Carla’s story starts with her love and passion of family. Carla’s Cookie Box is an independently owned and operated local online bakery.  She specializes in Award Winning Gourmet Butter Tarts, Artisanal Cookies & Luscious Deep Fudge Brownies.  Owner, Carla Brizzi, started her online baking business from a blooming love of baking as an Italo-Canadian.
“My Italian roots and passion for anything sweet prompted me to really hone in on my grandmother’s traditions. I love when food comes from its natural state.  The simplicity in cooking is what makes our ancestor’s food so flavourful.”

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Italian Canadian

Born Canadian, raised Italian, Carla’s story begins with her love for baking. At a young age, she would watch and help her mother in the kitchen with her many traditional cookies for Christmas and other special occasions. As Carla matured into an adult, she began experimenting with her own recipes.
Keeping true to Italian traditions, she kept everything simple but flavourful, and added a spin to her  traditional recipes.

“I love to be creative but I am horrible at drawing. LOL. One way I learned to be creative was in the kitchen. I began to experiment with traditional desserts and started adding unique spins to my favourite desserts, this is where I came up with my many different Gourmet Butter Tart flavours.”


Life Changing Decisions

When Carla was 39 years old, she lost her conventional job in an office and had to decide what to do with her life. With 3 young children and bills to pay, she was faced with uncertainty.  Carla decided that it was time to make a leap of faith in herself and dive into new territories.  She wanted to show her young family that it was NEVER too late to follow a passion.

“I made the decision to start this little business during one of the most desperate time of my life. It was incredibly scary and invigorating at the same time.  The one thing that drove me and continues to drive me is my children. I wanted to show my children that it is never too late to have a dream and follow a passion. There is beauty that lies underneath hard work and determination.”

Enter Butter Tart Mania

Supporting Local Ontario Farmers

With the importance of supporting LOCAL, Carla found a way to support local farmers and businesses while building her own local business.

“I wanted to support other people that were doing what I was doing but I didn’t have the financial means to do it.  I decided right from the start of my business that purchasing local raw materials to make my own product was the way I could do my part to support farmers & local artisans.”

Shifting Focus

Today, Carla’s story continues as she  is also focusing on giving back. After the tragic loss of her brother, Paul Brizzi, by a drunk driver, Carla decided to start an initiative to make a change. She teamed up with MADD Canada to sell quarantine / graduation t-shirts in 2020 after her brother was killed in August 2019. Each of those shirts raise $5 that goes toward MADD Canada but more importantly, raises awareness to NOT Drive Impaired.

“My younger brother, who was and still is very near and dear to my heart was killed by a drunk driver. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him or weep over him. He was a very pivotal person in my life and continues to be so. I refuse to let his death be in vain and I am determined to ensure another family does not go through the pain my family and I continue to live through.”

She will continue to raise awareness and advocated to ensure another family doesn’t have to go through the devastation her family had to go through.

Walter Kemp
23:39 28 Feb 21
Bought the butter tart, brownie and butter tart combo for our granddaughter for her birthday, everything was, in her words, SO GOOD.Comments on the butter tarts were, "best ever" and she has eaten butter tarts from all over the place, frequents many bakeries in Toronto and Waterloo and Carla's were Number One.Thanks for helping to make her birthday just that little bit better.Wally and Lorraine Kemp
Robert Lloyd
18:35 27 Feb 21
Smash heart was a huge success with my daughter and the the little bits I was able to sneak myself were delicious. To add, a tip of the cap to Carla as she was incredibly responsive and gracious during what is possibly her busiest time of year to any queries posed. Amazing confections, amazing customer service.
Sonia Varma
13:55 26 Feb 21
The cookies are fantastic - I really enjoy buying them as gifts - I'm receiving consistently high praise (a rare response from the picky palates of my friends/coworkers!). My parents do not eat sweets, but they made the artisan cookies disappear. I like the ease of ordering and picking up, it fits my busy schedule well and it's contactless. I can't wait to order more, and I wonder what other varieties of big&thick cookies will pop up!
Violet Fiszer
23:30 25 Feb 21
This was the first time I ordered from Carla’s. I was was a bit hesitate how the order would arrive as I will in Ottawa. First of all it came the next day and it was well packaged. The cookies and tarts were perfect. I come from a family that knows their butter tarts and these tarts are fabulous. Thick luscious filling , tender crust. The cookies are tasty too. Definitely would recommend Carla , especially if you are an butter tart aficionado, you won’t be disappointed.