All of our Products are made in a facility that contains Peanuts / Tree nuts, wheat, dairy, soy and any other known allergen

Creating Food Art For You

These are my creations. The Food Art that I create is inspired by my fans and the amazing environment around me. There are moments and people in life that will always inspire me to change up my butter tarts, cookies or many other desserts. When I seek to create a new cookie design or a new butter tart flavour, I usually look at the events around me to inspire me.  You all have a role to play in my inspiration process. I am so honoured that you have come to take a look at my creations.

The Fans

It is not uncommon for my fans to tag me in pictures. Whether through Instagram or Facebook, my fans will send me either private or public pictures. These pictures touch me more than I can even begin to tell you. The many inspiring notes, the personal messages, the well wishes and the fun takes. All of these are not lost on me. I am so honoured and touched that you have entrusted me with your stories and your family’s stories. I am so deeply humbled by your love of my products and it is not uncommon for me to cry whenever you send love my way. The best way for me to thank you is by posting your pictures here and keeping all of your messages filed away and near to my heart.  These are the pictures that are sent to me by you. Much love to all of you.