It’s Not Just a Butter Tart, It’s an Experience

Where Have We Been?

You can find all the cool places Carla has been featured in. Carla works diligently to ensure she is getting her baking products and her message of hope out into the public.  She finds ways to keep herself relevant in the baking world and her business using many different avenues. When Carla is passionate about something she will write about it, talk about it and find people that will help spread the word on her many important issues.

As Carla’s world has changed over the past few years, so has her blog and where she chooses to feature her products and time. You will find many different writing styles as well as personal insight into what makes her tick. Being the social butterfly that she is, you will find genuine pieces with genuine meetings with differents walk of life.

Carla has taken her platform as a baker and all star butter tart maker and transformed it into making change. With life transformations, losses of people, pandemics and running small businesses, pivoting in a new world, you will find Carla’s truths on how she sees them in her point of view on her blogs and features.

Based on 139 reviews
Based on 46 reviews
Isabel Z.
14:43 05 Apr 21
Carla provided exceptional service. I ordered a Easter Chocolate chip cookie gram and it was absolutely beautiful, and exactly what I was hoping for. The feedback given to me, was that it was the BEST cookie he has ever had. Professional, courteous and prompt service. Thanks Carla, I will definetely be ordering from you soon.
Elliot W.
17:37 22 Mar 21
Great customer service!
17:29 19 Mar 21
Carla is my go to for gifts for family and friends. She’s an amazing lady and an amazing baker!Her butter tarts are my absolute favourite - don’t tell my mother-in-law!
Kate M.
20:20 16 Mar 21
I ordered one of Carlas Cookie Smash Hearts for my daughter’s 7th Birthday. After I miscalculated the delivery date, Carla herself personally made sure the surprise was delivered to my doorstep on time!My daughter loved the unique gift, it was delicious, fresh and personalized, truly a smash hit!I thank you for your personal touch!