Carla speaks with Deepa from BlogTO. She tells Deepa about the importance of supporting local farmers and the difference of her butter tarts.Carla’s secret is no secret at all. She uses top notch, quality ingredients from local farmers and artisans. Carla is always striving for the best in her product and herself.  Supporting local has been the backbone of Carla’s Cookie Box. It was and continues to be very important to her.

Carla realized right from the birth of her company that she wanted to make an impact, not only in the her baking but in her approach. Being a small independent business is not easy so she wanted to find a way to support other small, local businesses, especially farmers while continuing to grow her own little business.

Catch Carla at many different festivals around Ontario and at the Farmer’s Market on Bay and Wellington every Thursdays from June to October.