Double Meaning T-Shirts

“Don’t Drive Impaired” is the message Carla wants to send out with her Grad t-shirts.
Double Meaning T-Shirts on CityTV with Stella Acquisto –  Watch Carla as she speaks to Stella Acquisto about her double meaning t-shirt with MADD Canada initiative. Carla speaks about the reason behind the double meaning t-shirt and the importance of advocating for such a worthy cause. When Carla lost her brother, Paul Brizzi, to a drunk driver, she lost her world. Everyone and everything was moving around her but her world had stood still. The grad/MADD t-shirts are a way to ensure Paul’s life does not end at such a tragic death. They are to put some good in a horrible situation.

When you shop for a T-Shirt or a package, you are not only raising money for an amazing charity, you are sending a message. It is NOT okay to drive impaired. It is NOT okay to devastate another family.
People should not have to suffer for something so senseless and preventable. The campaign runs all summer and will go until every t-shirt is sold. Carla plans to make this an annual t-shirt and will do what she can to meet with prominent member of government. It’s time we made a change. It’s time we made some noise. Five dollars from every t-shirt will go to MADD Canada.