Easter Butter Tarts

Easter Butter Tarts, you say? Definitely. Chatelaine Magazine features Carla’s colourful Easter butter tarts.

Carla is always honoured when magazines feature her products. The article from Chatelaine Magazine came as a welcomed surprise to her but not by her many fans.

Year after year, Carla’s following has been steadily climbing especially as she continues to be creative and come up with many creative flavours in the kitchen to introduce to her many fans.

Carla has been very adamant from the start about quality products. If her name was to be attached to every product that is out there, then it definitely had to be top quality products made with top quality ingredients. What better way to do that than to purchase ingredients from local farmers and artisans that are in the same business she is in. Carla i s extremely proud of the top quality products that you will find in and around the city and province.

Carla also loves sharing in her process with her family. They are the reason Carla has been able to make it around the province to your city. Carla’s family support her in the kitchen, whether it is making all the goods that end up in your kitchen but also with the packaging and purchasing. Not only do they support her in the process and production of her goods but they are with her at many different event and markets throughout the province of Ontario.  They are with her every step of the way.

Carla’s colourful Easter butter tarts are part of what makes her unique.  The colour and uniqueness is why Carla’s butter tarts are always enjoyed by young and not so young.

Carla’s Cookie Box is featured in Chatelaine magazine in March 2019 and April 2020. You can find her at many festivals or purchase her butter tarts online.

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Easter Butter Tarts