Graduation Gift

Tie in our grad gifts with giving back to MADD Canada. We give $10 of our grad sales back to MADD Canada in honour of our brother, Paul Brizzi.  Read our story below.

It’s the perfect gift for any graduate.

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The Story

The MADD Canada Campaign was born following the death of my brother, Paul Brizzi, on August 17, 2019.

Paul’s killer walked around free for almost two years until he was sentenced. On April 23, 2021, Her Honourable Mary L. Hogan placed an unjust sentence of only 6.5 years on the killer, whom I refuse to name. Judge Mary Hogan deemed Paul’s life to be worth ONLY 6.5 years. Paul would have been 46 in 6.5 years. Here is my chaotic take on the verdict. 

With the MADD Canada campaign, I can speak to politicians about laws and the excruciating need to change them. My media circuit grants me the ability to talk about sentencing and the responsibility a judge has to make an example out of people who continue to drive impaired and those that enable them to do it, whether a friend, spouse or society.

We cannot expect change if we are unwilling to contribute to the solution. I never in my life expected my life’s contribution would be at the expense of losing the man I unconditionally loved as if he were my child. Maybe because, in some ways, he was.

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