Smash Cakes

Hammer away at your frustrations and get a sweet treat at the end of the smash  with our cool smash cakes.

We always keep up with the hottest trends and then we give it a twist to ensure you are getting THE BEST quality baked goods.

We don’t use any chocolate. We use high quality Premium Callebaut Chocolate and hand make every single item in your smashes, including the smash itself.

All of our Smash Hearts, Smash Easter Eggs, Smash Bunnies and other Smash Items come with your choice of wrapped chocolates or a combination of wrapped chocolates and baked goods.

Each of our Smash Cakes will be itemized with what is included inside. You can also get a pack of butter tarts, brownies, cake-cycles or a hot cocoa bomb at a special price.

New Smash Products on the way!

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