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Now your customers can enjoy the experience as Carla’s Cookie Box is excited to bring you an array of wholesale store products.


  • Store ready
  • Fully labelled with ingredients, nutritional information and ingredients.
  • UPC Codes are added for extra ease
  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • All sales support Local farmers & businesses
  • Low Minimum Quantity Purchase

It’s Not Just a Butter Tart, It’s an Experience

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Carla's Cookie Box
Based on 197 reviews
Carla's Cookie Box
Based on 48 reviews
Kathryn M.
03:03 02 Dec 22
I discovered these at the one of a kind show. They are the best butter tarts I have ever had.
Julez J
00:28 24 Nov 22
I love love LOVE Carla's. Catching them at the CNE, One of a Kind Show and various other shows has... become a tradition for many years now . The butter tarts are killer and the cookies are 10/10! You'll have hooked the moment you try anything.read more
Katie R.
03:53 23 Nov 22
The BEST butter tarts I've ever had in my life! Wherever Carla's Cookie Box goes, I will follow :)
Jennifer Y.
11:12 22 Nov 22
Great butter tarts!