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Jennifer Tann
Rohit Talwar
If being a Master Chef is a thing, then Carla and her team are Master Bakers!I first learned of Carla's Cookie Box during the 2020 holiday season. After having a chance to try one of Carla's cookie's, I decided to place a large corporate order (400+) of cookie decorating kits that involved nationwide shipping for the 2021 holiday season.Upon reaching out to Carla, she was very thorough in helping me choose the right option for my order, stayed within my budget, and ensured me that my order would hand delivered to each recipient that it was intended for. Additionally, she helped me customize the design of the cookie box.Carla and her team were so efficient and ensured every cookie was baked with care. The cookies were delivered on time to each recipient (within less than a week of placing the order) and tasted absolutely amazing!I'm so grateful to have met Carla and have worked with her. I would highly recommend Carla's Cookie's Box to anyone who is looking for a large custom order or just some treats to munch on. They are so good!Thank you Carla!!!
Azik Abbasov
The absolute best cookies, brownies and butter tarts that we have ever had. The only thing better than the baked goods, is the customer service. Thank you Carla.
Rhea Endo
Christa De Matos
bought three butter tarts at the one of kind show. was too scared to try the fancy ones. however I wish I did. they are delish.
Maria Citronvert
So awesome. Saw them at the OOAK craft show (they were part of the reason I wanted to go there this year). Experienced their butter tarts at home. It was a hit with everyone (all ages). They are really rich, decadent. I cut them into halves, and offered everyone a half for dessert. We will have the other half tonight.They were all happy and I overheard my daughter asking her friend if these were the best buttertarts that she's ever had. The answer was yes.The people at the show were so kind and friendly, too. Thanks for the wonderful treats!!
Expect Better at HomeRunProperties DOT Ca
I stumbled across some amazing butter tarts to die for at the " One of a Kind " Show.I tried an assorted set of butter tarts and of course...the classic pecan butter tarts are simply fantastic. These are so addictive and to support a local business woman is the cherry on top.I will have to order some more for the upcoming Xmas holiday dinners and get togethers. These butter tarts are going to be a big hit !!!
julian c
Heather Christie-Gillis
My daughter and I have visited Carla’s booth at the One of A Kind Show many times. Her butter tarts are to die for. So happy we are able to visit again. My daughter even ordered from home twiceDefinitely recommend visiting her booth if you are going to be at the show..
Jennifer Christie
THE absolute best butter tarts out there !!! 🔥
Victoria Torreso
Absolutely the best hands down! Butter Tarts are my favourite so I’m so happy I found this company who never disappoints and is always consistent with great flavours and freshness. Not to mention very easy to place an order and to receive in a timely manner!Highly recommended.
Heather Huckfield
Carla’s butter tarts are amazing, honestly they are my fav! Carla is incredibly kind, and her customer service is top notch. I have missed seeing her at shows and markets!
Carla Arcieri
Super delicious tarts, amazing variety of flavors. Carla has always delivered quality every single time! If you love butter tarts whether original or unique flavors I highly recommend ordering from here!
Carol Rheaume
Katherine Howett
My family is very picky about our butter tarts and we were all pleasantly surprised to find out these ones checked all the boxes! The tart crusts were flaky in just the right way and melted in your mouth. The classic butter tart filling is sweet and plentiful, perfectly set. But the added flavours are where it is at! From caramels to nuts to chocolate, each special flavour was a masterpiece that made these butter tarts a must buy! Loved each one and as a bonus they freeze well, so we were able to freeze a pack to have in a few weeks. Definitely looking forward to buying these tarts again!
THe BEST buttertarts anywhere!!!! I have driven from Bowmanville to Woodbridge JUST for Carla’s buttertarts!! Do yourself a favour and try them!!
Erin Elliott
It was a wonderful experience. I have had boxes delivered to friends for birthday presents since in covid I could not visit. The results were always rave reviews.
Patricia Yarema
The absolutely best butter tarts I have ever had. I will be looking for them at the OOAK show.
Diane Ianni
Ordered a variety of butter tarts for our son’s engagement party in August. They were the best butter tarts we’ve ever had - fresh and delicious. Thank you Carla.
Steph Crete
Those tarts are amazing , we order for the first time and everyone we shared with was thinking the same , they are delicious !! Anyone that's hesitating , don't and treat yourself. I'm not sure we have a favorite yet , we have to order more to know 🙂 But the flavors are fun and they had this little thing that make those extra special !

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