Easter Week Orders

We will be EXTREMELY limited with email and phone calls on Easter Week. We are busy making your orders 🙂

We are going to be limiting Easter orders and deliveries per day to ensure that you get your orders on time and that we are able to spend time with our own family during this time. 

Please order early to ensure your preferred delivery or shipping date.

Deliveries Dates & Locations:

Monday March 29,

Tuesday March 30,

Wednesday March 31,

Thursday April 1, 2021

Saturday April 3, 2021

Delivery Locations Monday -Thursday:
M1A* M2A* M3A* M4A* M5A* M6A* M7A* M8A* M9A* M1B* M2B* M3B* M4B* M5B*
M6B* M7B* M8B* M9B* M1C* M2C* M3C* M4C* M5C* M6C* M7C* M8C* M9C* M1E*
M2E* M3E* M4E* M5E* M6E* M7E* M8E* M9E* M1G* M2G* M3G* M4G* M5G* M6G*
M7G* M8G* M9G* M1H* M2H* M3H* M4H* M5H* M6H* M7H* M8H* M9H* M1J* M2J*
M3J* M4J* M5J* M6J* M7J* M8J* M9J* M1K* M2K* M3K* M4K* M5K* M6K* M7K*
M8K* M9K* M1L* M2L* M3L* M4L* M5L* M6L* M7L* M8L* M9L* M1M* M2M* M3M*
M4M* M5M* M6M* M7M* M8M* M9M* M1N* M2N* M3N* M4N* M5N* M6N* M7N* M8N*
M9N* M1P* M2P* M3P* M4P* M5P* M6P* M7P* M8P* M9P* M1R* M2R* M3R* M4R*
M5R* M6R* M7R* M8R* M9R* M1S* M2S* M3S* M4S* M5S* M6S* M7S* M8S* M9S*
M1T* M2T* M3T* M4T* M5T* M6T* M7T* M8T* M9T* M1V* M2V* M3V* M4V* M5V*
M6V* M7V* M8V* M9V* M1W* M2W* M3W* M4W* M5W* M6W* M7W* M8W* M9W* M1X*
M2X* M3X* M4X* M5X* M6X* M7X* M8X* M9X* M1Y* M2Y* M3Y* M4Y* M5Y* M6Y*
M7Y* M8Y* M9Y* M1Z* M2Z* M3Z* M4Z* M5Z* M6Z* M7Z* M8Z* M9Z* L3L* L3P*
L3R* L3S* L3T* L4B* L4C* L4E* L4H* L4J* L4K* L4L* L4S* L4T* L4V* L4W*
L4X* L4Y* L4Z* L5A* L5A* L5B* L5B* L5C* L5C* L5E* L5E* L5G* L5G* L5H*
L5H* L5J* L5J* L5K* L5L* L5M* L5N* L5P* L5R* L5S* L5T* L5V* L5W* L6A*
L6B* L6C* L6E* L6G* L6P* L6R* L6S* L6T* L6V* L6W* L6X* L6Y* L6Z* L7A*
Special Delivery Date on Saturday April 3, 2021: 
Toronto, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa
Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Dundas, Waterdown, Hamilton, Ancaster, Stoney Creek 
Thornhill, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill, Markham, Maple, King City, Woodbridge, Gormley, Aurora, Newmarket
Time Frames are undetermined but can be from morning to evening (as late as 10pm on Saturday) as our drivers go all over the GTA. 

Thank you for your patience 🙂 

Shipping Locations + Time to Receive:

Shipping Locations for GTA: Falls under the 1-2 days shipping

L1A* L1B* L1C* L1E* L1G* L1H* L1J* L1K* L1L* L1M* L1N* L1P* L1R* L1S*
L1T* L1V* L1W* L1X* L1Y* L1Z* L2A* L2B* L2C* L2E* L2G* L2H* L2J* L2K*
L2L* L2M* L2N* L2P* L2R* L2S* L2T* L2V* L2W* L2X* L2Y* L2Z* L3A* L3B*
L3C* L3E* L3G* L3H* L3J* L3K* L3M* L3N* L3V* L3W* L3X* L3Y* L3Z* L4A*
L4G* L4M* L4N* L4P* L4R* L6H* L6J* L6K* L6L* L6M* L6N* L7B* L7C* L7E*
L7G* L7H* L7J* L7K* L7L* L7M* L7N* L7P* L7R* L7S* L7T* L7V* L7W* L7X*
L7Y* L7Z* L8A* L8B* L8C* L8E* L8G* L8H* L8J* L8K* L8L* L8M* L8N* L8P*
L8R* L8S* L8T* L8V* L8W* L8X* L8Y* L8Z* L9A* L9B* L9C* L9E* L9G* L9H*
L9J* L9K* L9L* L9M* L9N* L9P* L9R* L9S* L9T* L9V* L9W* L9X* L9Y* L9Z*

Urban / Suburban Ontario: approximately 1-2 days

Deep north or remote Ontario: 3 – 4 days


British Columbia: approximately 4-5 days

The Prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba): approximately 4 days

The Maritimes (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI): approximately 3-4 days

Newfoundland and Labrador: approximately 3-4 days

Quebec: approximately 1-2 days

The Territories: approximately 5 days


approximately 3-5 days

Contactless Pickup From noon-7pm:

Monday March 29

Tuesday March 30

Wednesday March 31

Thursday April 1, 2021

Good Friday, April 2 (limited)

Saturday April 3