Shipping & Delivering

We Ship All Across Canada + USA

In 2019, Carla’s Cookie Box became FDA approved which enabled us to ship to our wonderful friends to the south, as well as across Canada.

We vacuum seal EVERYTHING we ship. It will keep your product fresh and safe upon arrival (even if it is slightly delayed).

We always email the purchaser the tracking number, so please check your junk mail, in case it slips in there.

GTA Delivery Locations Monday -Friday:

M1A* M2A* M3A* M4A* M5A* M6A* M7A* M8A* M9A* M1B* M2B* M3B* M4B* M5B*
M6B* M7B* M8B* M9B* M1C* M2C* M3C* M4C* M5C* M6C* M7C* M8C* M9C* M1E*
M2E* M3E* M4E* M5E* M6E* M7E* M8E* M9E* M1G* M2G* M3G* M4G* M5G* M6G*
M7G* M8G* M9G* M1H* M2H* M3H* M4H* M5H* M6H* M7H* M8H* M9H* M1J* M2J*
M3J* M4J* M5J* M6J* M7J* M8J* M9J* M1K* M2K* M3K* M4K* M5K* M6K* M7K*
M8K* M9K* M1L* M2L* M3L* M4L* M5L* M6L* M7L* M8L* M9L* M1M* M2M* M3M*
M4M* M5M* M6M* M7M* M8M* M9M* M1N* M2N* M3N* M4N* M5N* M6N* M7N* M8N*
M9N* M1P* M2P* M3P* M4P* M5P* M6P* M7P* M8P* M9P* M1R* M2R* M3R* M4R*
M5R* M6R* M7R* M8R* M9R* M1S* M2S* M3S* M4S* M5S* M6S* M7S* M8S* M9S*
M1T* M2T* M3T* M4T* M5T* M6T* M7T* M8T* M9T* M1V* M2V* M3V* M4V* M5V*
M6V* M7V* M8V* M9V* M1W* M2W* M3W* M4W* M5W* M6W* M7W* M8W* M9W* M1X*
M2X* M3X* M4X* M5X* M6X* M7X* M8X* M9X* M1Y* M2Y* M3Y* M4Y* M5Y* M6Y*
M7Y* M8Y* M9Y* M1Z* M2Z* M3Z* M4Z* M5Z* M6Z* M7Z* M8Z* M9Z* L3L* L3P*
L3R* L3S* L3T* L4B* L4C* L4E* L4H* L4J* L4K* L4L* L4S* L4T* L4V* L4W*
L4X* L4Y* L4Z* L5A* L5A* L5B* L5B* L5C* L5C* L5E* L5E* L5G* L5G* L5H*
L5H* L5J* L5J* L5K* L5L* L5M* L5N* L5P* L5R* L5S* L5T* L5V* L5W* L6A*
L6B* L6C* L6E* L6G* L6P* L6R* L6S* L6T* L6V* L6W* L6X* L6Y* L6Z* L7A*

Time Frames are undetermined but can be from morning to evening as our drivers go all over the GTA. 

Thank you for your patience 🙂 

Shipping Locations + Time to Receive:

Shipping Locations for GTA: Falls under the 1-2 days shipping

L1A* L1B* L1C* L1E* L1G* L1H* L1J* L1K* L1L* L1M* L1N* L1P* L1R* L1S*
L1T* L1V* L1W* L1X* L1Y* L1Z* L2A* L2B* L2C* L2E* L2G* L2H* L2J* L2K*
L2L* L2M* L2N* L2P* L2R* L2S* L2T* L2V* L2W* L2X* L2Y* L2Z* L3A* L3B*
L3C* L3E* L3G* L3H* L3J* L3K* L3M* L3N* L3V* L3W* L3X* L3Y* L3Z* L4A*
L4G* L4M* L4N* L4P* L4R* L6H* L6J* L6K* L6L* L6M* L6N* L7B* L7C* L7E*
L7G* L7H* L7J* L7K* L7L* L7M* L7N* L7P* L7R* L7S* L7T* L7V* L7W* L7X*
L7Y* L7Z* L8A* L8B* L8C* L8E* L8G* L8H* L8J* L8K* L8L* L8M* L8N* L8P*
L8R* L8S* L8T* L8V* L8W* L8X* L8Y* L8Z* L9A* L9B* L9C* L9E* L9G* L9H*
L9J* L9K* L9L* L9M* L9N* L9P* L9R* L9S* L9T* L9V* L9W* L9X* L9Y* L9Z*

Urban / Suburban Ontario: approximately 1-2 days

Deep north or remote Ontario: 3 – 4 days


British Columbia: approximately 4-5 days

The Prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba): approximately 4 days

The Maritimes (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI): approximately 3-4 days

Newfoundland and Labrador: approximately 3-4 days

Quebec: approximately 1-2 days

The Territories: approximately 5 days


3-5 days

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