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We are ever evolving and growing. You can now pick a date on our NEW Calendar, on Carla’s Cookie Box upon checkout.

During our Peak Holiday Times, it becomes VERY difficult to get to a phone or email as our fingers are diligently working getting all of your orders completed. If we are unable to answer your call or email promptly, know that we are working in a kitchen with our hands full of flour and getting our orders out is our NUMBER 1 priority.

We will respond to emails as soon as we can – usually anywhere from 11pm – 7am 😉 … yup even 2am sometimes!

Delivery Times:

As we use a local delivery services, we cannot predict the time of your delivery, especially during peak seasons. If you need your package for a certain time of day, ensure the delivery is placed for the day before. We are always looking into different options and carriers so that we can service you better and more accurately.


When you place your order, we send it out for shipping on the next day, which means you will receive it the day after that or as per the lead times below.

There could be shipping delays (especially during peak holiday season), so please keep that in mind when ordering for a particular day.

We always send you a tracking number, so if you have not received one, please check your junk mail.

GTA Delivery Locations Monday -Friday:

M1A* M2A* M3A* M4A* M5A* M6A* M7A* M8A* M9A* M1B* M2B* M3B* M4B* M5B*
M6B* M7B* M8B* M9B* M1C* M2C* M3C* M4C* M5C* M6C* M7C* M8C* M9C* M1E*
M2E* M3E* M4E* M5E* M6E* M7E* M8E* M9E* M1G* M2G* M3G* M4G* M5G* M6G*
M7G* M8G* M9G* M1H* M2H* M3H* M4H* M5H* M6H* M7H* M8H* M9H* M1J* M2J*
M3J* M4J* M5J* M6J* M7J* M8J* M9J* M1K* M2K* M3K* M4K* M5K* M6K* M7K*
M8K* M9K* M1L* M2L* M3L* M4L* M5L* M6L* M7L* M8L* M9L* M1M* M2M* M3M*
M4M* M5M* M6M* M7M* M8M* M9M* M1N* M2N* M3N* M4N* M5N* M6N* M7N* M8N*
M9N* M1P* M2P* M3P* M4P* M5P* M6P* M7P* M8P* M9P* M1R* M2R* M3R* M4R*
M5R* M6R* M7R* M8R* M9R* M1S* M2S* M3S* M4S* M5S* M6S* M7S* M8S* M9S*
M1T* M2T* M3T* M4T* M5T* M6T* M7T* M8T* M9T* M1V* M2V* M3V* M4V* M5V*
M6V* M7V* M8V* M9V* M1W* M2W* M3W* M4W* M5W* M6W* M7W* M8W* M9W* M1X*
M2X* M3X* M4X* M5X* M6X* M7X* M8X* M9X* M1Y* M2Y* M3Y* M4Y* M5Y* M6Y*
M7Y* M8Y* M9Y* M1Z* M2Z* M3Z* M4Z* M5Z* M6Z* M7Z* M8Z* M9Z* L3L* L3P*
L3R* L3S* L3T* L4B* L4C* L4E* L4H* L4J* L4K* L4L* L4S* L4T* L4V* L4W*
L4X* L4Y* L4Z* L5A* L5A* L5B* L5B* L5C* L5C* L5E* L5E* L5G* L5G* L5H*
L5H* L5J* L5J* L5K* L5L* L5M* L5N* L5P* L5R* L5S* L5T* L5V* L5W* L6A*
L6B* L6C* L6E* L6G* L6P* L6R* L6S* L6T* L6V* L6W* L6X* L6Y* L6Z* L7A*

Time Frames are undetermined but can be from morning to evening as our drivers go all over the GTA. 

Thank you for your patience 🙂 

Shipping Locations + Time to Receive:

Shipping Locations for GTA: Falls under the 1-2 days shipping

L1A* L1B* L1C* L1E* L1G* L1H* L1J* L1K* L1L* L1M* L1N* L1P* L1R* L1S*
L1T* L1V* L1W* L1X* L1Y* L1Z* L2A* L2B* L2C* L2E* L2G* L2H* L2J* L2K*
L2L* L2M* L2N* L2P* L2R* L2S* L2T* L2V* L2W* L2X* L2Y* L2Z* L3A* L3B*
L3C* L3E* L3G* L3H* L3J* L3K* L3M* L3N* L3V* L3W* L3X* L3Y* L3Z* L4A*
L4G* L4M* L4N* L4P* L4R* L6H* L6J* L6K* L6L* L6M* L6N* L7B* L7C* L7E*
L7G* L7H* L7J* L7K* L7L* L7M* L7N* L7P* L7R* L7S* L7T* L7V* L7W* L7X*
L7Y* L7Z* L8A* L8B* L8C* L8E* L8G* L8H* L8J* L8K* L8L* L8M* L8N* L8P*
L8R* L8S* L8T* L8V* L8W* L8X* L8Y* L8Z* L9A* L9B* L9C* L9E* L9G* L9H*
L9J* L9K* L9L* L9M* L9N* L9P* L9R* L9S* L9T* L9V* L9W* L9X* L9Y* L9Z*

Urban / Suburban Ontario: approximately 1-2 days

Deep north or remote Ontario: 3 – 4 days


British Columbia: approximately 4-5 days

The Prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba): approximately 4 days

The Maritimes (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI): approximately 3-4 days

Newfoundland and Labrador: approximately 3-4 days

Quebec: approximately 1-2 days

The Territories: approximately 5 days


approximately 3-5 days

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