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Valentine’s Day is Just Around the Corner

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we are on the job! We have been working diligently to get our new menu out. Let’s start with Valentine’s Day. We have 3 BRAND NEW products and an add-on to our Hot Cocoa Bombs.

We start our new Valentine’s Day Line with our Cream Tart Cookie Cake. These gorgeous sugar cookie cakes are layered and topped with cream cheese Swiss meringue buttercream. Each letter and number are approximately 10″ long and 8″ wide.  We top each of our cream tarts with seasonal fruit, macarons, chocolates and add plenty of sweet embellishments for a beautiful result. Next,  we have our Alpha Macs. We’ve Taken our French Macarons to the Next Level. It’s kind of what we do here.  We have custom-made Food Grade letter holders and carefully placed our colourfully exquisite French Macarons inside to make a unique gift for someone near and dear. We finish each alphabet or number with a flower embellishment. We continue with our Smash Hearts. Our Heart packs include an 8″ Chocolate Heart filled with candy, marshmallows, chocolate and a mallet to break it open. We also include 1 heart cocoa bomb, 2 mini butter tarts, 2 chocolate covered Oreos, 2 cake cycles, 3 premium French macarons. Flavours of French macarons are Vanilla bean, Pink Champagne and Red Velvet.

We can’t forget our FUN DIY’s and our Charcuterie Boards with Valentine’s day around the corner. This time themed for our loved ones.

Finally, our Hot Cocoa Bombs (as seen on TIKTOK) are handmade and coated in Premium Callebaut Chocolate and filled with Gourmet Hot Chocolate and mini marshmallows. These HUGE bombs measure approximately 3 inches in diameter for a REAL treat that the whole family can enjoy.

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