Cookies -Soft Chewy & Homemade

Our Gourmet cookies are soft, chewy & homemade and full of flavour. We pride ourselves on making THE BEST gourmet cookies using all-natural, local ingredients.

We don’t sacrifice quality for quantity and ensure every one of our cookies is handmade and baked to perfection. Every batch of gourmet cookies is freshly made by hand with REAL butter by Carla herself.

We have packs of twelve gourmet cookies, six of our ginormous 6-ounce fatties, a giant cookie cake for a great cake alternative and platters of cookies for your next occasion.

Click on one of our Soft, Chewy & Homemade Cookies options to start today.

Platter of an assortment of Soft Gourmet Cookies including chocolate chip, toffee, M&M on product category page & product page
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