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It’s Not Just a Butter Tart, It’s an Experience

After leaving the corporate world for good

Our journey began in 2016

Carla’s story starts with her love and passion for family. Carla’s Cookie Box is an independent, woman-owned, and locally operated online bakery.  She specializes in Award-Winning Gourmet Butter Tarts, Artisanal Cookies, & Luscious Deep Fudge Brownies. Carla started her online baking business from a blooming love of baking as an Italo-Canadian. 

My Italian roots and passion for anything sweet prompted me to really hone in on my grandmother’s traditions. I love when food comes from its natural state.  The simplicity in cooking is what makes our ancestor’s food so flavourful.

With the importance of supporting LOCAL, Carla found a way to support local farmers and businesses while building her own local business.

I wanted to support other people that were doing what I was doing but I didn’t have the financial means to do it.  I decided right from the start of my business that purchasing local raw materials to make my own product was the way I could do my part to support farmers & local artisans.
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Staying true to her roots

Italian Canadian

Born Canadian and raised Italian, Carla’s story continues with her love for baking. At a young age, she would watch and help her mother in the kitchen with her many traditional cookies for Christmas and other special occasions. As Carla matured into an adult, she began experimenting with her recipes.

Keeping true to Italian traditions, she keeps everything simple but flavourful and adds a spin to her traditional recipes.

I love to be creative but I am horrible at drawing. LOL. One way I learned to be creative was in the kitchen. I began to experiment with traditional desserts and started adding unique spins to my favourite desserts, this is where I came up with my many different Gourmet Butter Tart flavours.
It's never too late to make a change

Life Changing Decisions

At 39 years old, Carla’s story made a dramatic turn. She lost her conventional job in an office and had to decide what to do with her life. With three young children and bills to pay, she was faced with uncertainty.  Carla agreed it was time to take a leap of faith in herself and dive into new territories.  She wanted to show her young family that it was NEVER too late to follow a passion.

I decided to start this little business during one of the most desperate times of my life. It was incredibly scary and invigorating at the same time.  My children are the one thing that drove me and continues to drive me. I wanted to show my children that it is never too late to have a dream and follow a passion. There is beauty that lies underneath hard work and determination.
About Our Story Of Family, Love &Amp; Passion

Shifting Focus

I had an amazing customer experience with Carla’s Cookie Box. Carla went above and beyond to ensure my order got to a very special friend on time. Let me just say that my friend was more than impressed with her special treats. I would recommend Carla’s cookie box for her outstanding tasty product and exceptional customer service.
Maria Bevaqua
Vaughan, ON
Carla provided exceptional service. I ordered an Easter Chocolate chip cookie gram and it was absolutely beautiful, and exactly what I was hoping for. The feedback given to me was that it was the BEST cookie he has ever had. Professional, courteous and prompt service. Thanks, Carla, I will definitely be ordering from you soon.
Cookie Cake
Isabel Zeppieri
Ontario, Canada

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