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Holiday Fair in the Square 2018

Carla’s Cookie Box joined Holiday Fair in the Square 2018 again this year. This is her third year joining Epilepsy Toronto at their annual Winter Fair. Toronto is home to many markets and festivals that Carla attends.  She receives a warm welcome when she is in Toronto.

Watch Carla as she speaks to Stella Acquisto on BT Toronto. Carla speaks about her Award-Winning Butter Tart and supporting local farmers.

Supporting local has been the backbone of Carla’s Cookie Box. It was and continues to be very important to her. Carla realized right from the birth of her company that she wanted to make an impact, not only in her baking but in her approach. Being a small independent business is not easy. Hence, she wanted to find a way to support other small, local businesses, especially farmers, while continuing to grow her own little business.

Carla has been very adamant from the start about quality products. If her name was to be attached to every product out there, it definitely had to be top-quality products made with top-quality ingredients. What better way to do that than to purchase ingredients from local farmers and artisans in the same business she is in. Carla is extremely proud of the top-quality products you will find in and around the city and province.

Thank you to Holiday Fair in the Square 2018 for hosting a great event again. You can find Carla around many Ontario events and markets year-round. When she is not at markets, you can find her goods online.


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